Art of Trolling

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I'm Not Your Buddeh, Guy!

star wars gordon ramsay youtube comments darth vader - 7751936768
By Unknown

Repliers Gonna Reply

youtube youtube comments funny - 6009099776
By Shyjael

I'm Not Buying It

youtube youtube comments funny justin bieber - 6804798464
By Unknown

Why Don't You Shut Up, How About That?

nerds youtube youtube comments aladdin - 7401517824
By Unknown

You're Up to Something and It's Hard to Figure Out

youtube youtube comments - 7544930304
By Unknown

Parakeet Drops the Bass. User Drops Insult on Skrillex

bird dubstep skrillex youtube comments - 7006581760
By Caffinehog

The Swagometers Are Breaking as We Speak

swag youtube comments - 8116759040

Way to ruin the mood.

dogs youtube youtube comments - 6546012928
By Drew676

Its Important to Lure Them Out Subtly

grammar nazi youtube comments - 7456037632
By Unknown

It Went Right Over His Head

star wars youtube james bond puns youtube comments 007 stormtrooper - 7797421824
By Unknown

Don't Give Him Ideas!

youtube comments barack obama - 7555068672
By arunezhil

"I Say, My Good Man, Drop Yonder Bass!"

youtube comments - 7316244736
By Unknown


youtube comments - 6985608704
By Eriiiiiiiiic

It Went Right Over His Head

007 james bond puns star wars stormtrooper youtube comments youtube - 8343517696

What About Me?

youtube David Tennant youtube comments doctor who - 6912710912
By Xray_Doc

Morgan Freeman

youtube comments Morgan Freeman - 6962517248
By Morgan Freeman
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