Art of Trolling


Going Long and Hard

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BRB, I'm On the Phone With the Spelling Police

grammar rage spelling youtube - 5394804736
Created by really2random2funfunfun

Not Enough Views?

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Created by cortx7


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Created by Unknown

Oh. Snap.

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Created by Unknown

Dry Ice Isn't a Sandwich, Ladies

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Created by Machowski

You Don't Want to Know

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Created by Oagao21


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It Could Be a While

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Created by everydayimmuffinin

Crunchy Outer Shell

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Created by kayjay83

I'll Take All of Your Money If You Even Look at Me Funny

Weird Al Yankovic youtube apple - 6767338240
Created by Unknown
crayons Video youtube - 16398593

Every YouTube Video Ever

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Canadians boldly go not quite as far as other people.

Canada lego youtube - 6701299456
Created by Xelah

He Should Just Stay There for a While

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Gods of Music

youtube Music comments - 6660812544

Your Computer Is so Messed Up, Man

youtube - 4738653440
Created by Unknown
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