Art of Trolling


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Youtubers React to RickRoll

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At Least You Didn't Think It Was a Glee Original

glee no top comment youtube - 6070918400
By efrazable


youtube origami funny - 6707810304
By daniofawesome

No! I'm Funnier!

the Beatles comments youtube - 6753091072
By blahblahblah3000

At Least It's Not Racist

comment guitar youtube - 5351464704
By Unknown

You know what else went viral? Swine flu

youtube - 6473465344
By Unknown
Video youtube - 27049729

Who Would Pick the Ginger?

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I Promise It'll Be Good!

youtube youtube comments spam funny - 7480495104
By MarcoRossi101

Spongebob's In the Deep

adele fire SpongeBob SquarePants youtube - 5794255104
By alli.cov

I Rest My Case

cat comments intelligent wtf youtube - 5251448576
By Unknown

Holy Crap! You're Right!

andy samberg jessica alba keha youtube - 4309080832
By Roxy_Smash

I Don't Want to See Football Lovers

comments fan youtube - 5776972032
By Unknown

Might be good for beginners

youtube health - 7098546944
By Unknown

I agree with you

coke faptimes youtube - 6227300352
By Mikecraft96

What Do You Expect From a Tree?

youtube spelling - 6707621632
By DancesWithWolves

The Cake

youtube comments the cake is a lie - 6653412352
By killerunicorn7
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