Art of Trolling


best of week Video wtf youtube - 27439105

Screw You, Ken

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I Guess You Better Do an Internet

comments youtube - 6377409280
Created by StickmanShot

Your Move, Titanic

cold ice puns water youtube - 6412724992
Created by Unknown

Team Trolldad

blocked dad relationships youtube - 6124951552
Via KevJumba

Dmitri the Devious and Diabolical

youtube rickrolled - 7611175424
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ghey top comments youtube - 6522882304
Created by Unknown

A lesson in sensitivity

zombie meth comments youtube - 6684775424
Created by katiearoman

His Performance Wasn't Even That Great

batman heath ledger joker rip youtube - 6180317440
Created by Unknown

Learn to Tell a Story, Noob

story top comment youtube - 6469304832
Created by gadget593

This is How the Czech Republic Deters People From Peeing in Public

youtube - 8299869184

But You're Left Defenseless for a Few Seconds

Occupy Wall Street youtube - 5359149824
Created by Jack ( Via )

I've Already Used Harden

girls Pokémon tatas youtube - 6361721856
Created by doj456
youtube trolling Video - 84086273

Surprise! PewDiePie Reached 50 Million Subscribers and Really Did Delete His (Secondary, Barely Used) Channel

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Broke a Couple Windows

cute kitten manly youtube - 6238714368
Created by Unknown

Great Trolling Ideas

image Video youtube - 4765388544
Created by JaxFirebus

The Other Guy Doesn't Look Like Jackie Chan Though!

lol racism self defense youtube - 4813521664
Created by Unknown
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