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Leave It Up to the Teacher to Be Honest

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Created by Unknown

Found Ur Hometown

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Dirty hoes party best with some good bud.

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Created by SirMidget

"I'm sick of..."

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Created by breekj260
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H0w 2 B0ttL3 F1ip

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What Is Wrong With This Generation

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Created by zachalito

Death is so Avoidable!

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Created by TrollVisage

Bad Translator CAN Translate Correctly

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Created by Zexious

Seize the Life You Only Live Once

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Created by Lord_Clure

Found Ur Hometown

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Created by Unknown

He Has a Point

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Created by Chakra
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4chan Starts a Business

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Throw In a Couple YOLOs

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Created by Unknown

When Professors Keep It Real

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Via Reddit
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Better Shut Up

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