Art of Trolling

yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers are not just answers user's post to questions on Yahoo. Yahoo! Answers is a specific type of trolling in which a stupid question gets asked, followed up by an even stupider answer, by different people and with no coordination between the two. 

Maybe You Should Ask Bieber

Music yahoo answers - 4270121728
By brdevane

Classic: Is it Coldplay?

yahoo answers Music - 6675864320
By Unknown

Your Own Body is Your Body's Best Defense

gross yahoo answers - 4368163328
By Unknown

Feel the Love!

harassment stalker yahoo answers - 7128601088
By Xervir


Heat yahoo answers - 6758575872
By zombieturkey

Do You Need to Talk to Someone?

garbage yahoo answers - 7733128960
By Unknown

One Direction meets One Spider

one direction Music spider yahoo answers - 6992152320
By Finzy


facebook religion yahoo answers - 6655342592
By Unknown


grammar pot yahoo answers - 6736937728
By snoogan850

You Need to Be Sneaky About It

yahoo answers sneaky tricks - 6832233984
By Muncho4

Bachelor Frog Approves of Green Energy

environment yahoo answers - 5890649856
By Unknown


yahoo answers ice cubes - 4254243840
By Unknown


chainsaw yahoo answers phobia - 7113562624
By Unknown

Yahoo Answers: Who Doesn't Want Sweet Honey?

Funny picture of a yahoo answers screen grab of someone asking about having a bee sting his penis to enlarge it for the ladies.
By Forkk

I Will Not Get to Know You...

bad idea eww yahoo answers - 4283170560
By Unknown

By Then the Ocean Will be Dry

sports yahoo answers - 6724724736
By Arlude
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