Art of Trolling

Yahoo Answer Fails

It's Not Just a Random Game! Skyrim for BAE on Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers about woman who's boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim and the troll that answers.
Created by Max480

The Manliest Challenge

drinking length man pee penis Yahoo Answer Fails - 4269202176
Created by Unknown

You'll Never Need Anything Ever Again

free lemon party shock sites Yahoo Answer Fails - 6099809280
Created by Sephyr

I Think You Look More Like a Plunger

look alike Yahoo Answer Fails - 5752828672
Created by BIGpizzaCAKE

Explain That, Einstein

impossible microwaves time Yahoo Answer Fails - 4586159104
Created by Unknown

They Could Have At Least Used the CGI to Fix Her Toe Thumbs

megan fox movies transformers Yahoo Answer Fails - 4849268736
Created by Unknown

She's No Good If She Can't Cook

literal Yahoo Answer Fails - 4542759168
Created by Unknown


knives Lord of the Rings Yahoo Answer Fails - 5920648448
Created by freckleface

Surprisingly Sound Advice

apology flowers girlfriend Yahoo Answer Fails - 4828604928
Created by brittanylauren


baseball gay justin bieber Yahoo Answer Fails - 3428725504
Created by Unknown


Fetish sexy times Yahoo Answer Fails - 3735078144
Created by Unknown

That Guy Has Such Useful Tips

bear grylls pee Yahoo Answer Fails - 5717490944
Created by Unknown

City of Refuge

Yahoo Answer Fails - 4696265216
Created by from212

Will He Died?

Death Yahoo Answer Fails - 5854174976
Created by zoombalaboy ( Via )

Good Thing They Released the DS

911 too soon Yahoo Answer Fails - 4904920576
Created by NathanvMourik

Don't Be a Fool, Wrap Your Tool

no no tubes that sounds naughty Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6478339328
Created by Bethbunnygirl
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