Art of Trolling

Yahoo Answer Fails

You've Really Got to Stop Letting Her Wander Off

cartoons dora the explorer TV Yahoo Answer Fails - 6125991424
By sisterjameela (Via Yahoo Answers)

City of Refuge

Yahoo Answer Fails - 4696265216
By from212

That Is Pretty Wimpy

Pretty wimpy example on Yahoo Answers is made worse by comment, which is hilariously funny.
By PaintNUrTaint (Via Memebase | Yahoo Answers)


anime annoying question mark Yahoo Answer Fails - 5236037888
By HellaDemon


spell check technology Yahoo Answer Fails - 3304003584
By Unknown


biology gender issues Yahoo Answer Fails - 3239361792
By Unknown

Family Gal

boyfriend family guy imaginary Yahoo Answer Fails - 4375451392
By Jen (Via

It Better Have Bacon In It

delicious dirty talk girlfriend sandwich Yahoo Answer Fails - 3776813824
By Unknown

What About Mr Pibb?

coke high soda Yahoo Answer Fails - 5833138944
By Unknown


boyfriends lady fun bags mom sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4500017920
By MTL973

Trolls go both ways.

DIY p33n sexy times Yahoo Answer Fails - 3267103488
By MyAmpsGoTo11

They Also Play Football!

black Yahoo Answer Fails - 5068651776
By Unknown

Yes, But Not Alone

au natural pedobear sleep Yahoo Answer Fails - 4897120768
By Trollednrolled

Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Product of American Public Schools

Questions posted on Yahoo answers that is hard to tell if the person is trolling, or just the result of years of neglect to the American public school systems. Hard to tell.
By Troy Stopera

All That High Pitched Wailing Gives Me the Willies

justin bieber never say never Yahoo Answer Fails - 5112191744
By ninjabritt7

It Only Hurts If You Want It To

pedobear that sounds naughty Yahoo Answer Fails - 5861649920
By FatRage
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