Art of Trolling

Yahoo Answer Fails

I Have Bad News

burning gay penis sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4327705344
Created by chaz

Less is More

diet eating weight loss Yahoo Answer Fails - 5934711808
Created by Alea

Do You Take Cash?

credit card Yahoo Answer Fails - 6048647424
Created by rileyup

She Still Needs a Sonnet

class famous sequel Yahoo Answer Fails - 4655162368
Created by its_dead

Across the Band or Down It?

bait and switch cutting Yahoo Answer Fails - 4888740352
Created by prozac5000

They're All Set in Hotels and the Back of Cars

Total fail on Yahoo Answers asking what movies are there about prom.
Created by Unknown

A Certain Delicacy Attached

Babies eating Yahoo Answer Fails - 4437362176
Created by Unknown

Bloody Delicious

Blood cannibal delicious pregnancy twins Yahoo Answer Fails - 4366201088
Created by Tex

Wait Until You Hear What the Seeds Do

magic Yahoo Answer Fails - 5861733888
Created by jessruss

It's normal, just don't do it around donkey kong

banana dance monkey mouth Yahoo Answer Fails - 3482254080
Created by Unknown

Exactly What She Wanted to Hear

girls single Yahoo Answer Fails - 4647326976
Created by nsayer

It Makes Great Hair Gel

glue no no tubes semen Yahoo Answer Fails - 4778472448
Created by Unknown

Forever Alone

alone forever alone tattoo Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6238604032
Created by aqua_turtlexx

You Tell Him, Sistah!

american england Yahoo Answer Fails - 5307737344
Created by Unknown

That's the definition of Buddhism for ya...

everywhere fapping jesus trolls Yahoo Answer Fails - 4427728640
Created by funninesscb

Get One About Isosceles

angel angle spelling tattoo Yahoo Answer Fails - 5115824640
Created by Rpdqxyn ( Via )
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