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Yahoo Answers on Snake Venom: Ssssstupid!

Yahoo answers funny fail of someone asking about how to milk a snake for venom for his blow gun. Troll tells him to just pet the snakes and they'll give him some venom in a cup.
Created by Slyli_7vs1313

Fried Egg

FRIDAY Memes Rebecca Black Yahoo Answer Fails - 4585109504
Created by Unknown

Try Yelling at Your Parents, It Will Reduce the Mental Pain

emotions feels fifteen teenager Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6446823680
Created by explode9

The Naughty Nice Is Really Long This Time

god RAPTURE santa Yahoo Answer Fails - 4758556160
Created by Unknown

Just Hope She's a Heavy Sleeper

best of week hate pee prank sister Yahoo Answer Fails - 5658548224
Created by Unknown

Why Don't You Ask Maury?

parenting paternity Yahoo Answer Fails - 6215838464
Created by etroll ( Via Yahoo Answers )

I Can Offer You Some Amateur Options

2 girls 1 cup films shock sites Yahoo Answer Fails - 5439677696

That Guy Really Got Around

dontrell english history Yahoo Answer Fails - 5221608960
Created by ItzWazza

Problem Solved

problem Yahoo Answer Fails - 6161999872
Created by Maximilian_P

Yes Virginia, Mayonnaise Is an Instrument.

food instrument mayonnaise patrick santa claus SpongeBob SquarePants virginia Yahoo Answer Fails - 4375385600
Created by PureAwesomeness ( Via )

A Redneck by Any Other Name

america rednecks UK Yahoo Answer Fails - 6183356160
Created by pinacolada55 ( Via Yahoo Answers )

They're All Set in Hotels and the Back of Cars

Total fail on Yahoo Answers asking what movies are there about prom.
Created by Unknown

I'm a Mac, and I'm an A.C.

computers mac windows Yahoo Answer Fails - 4603800064
Created by SteevyT

I Don't Want to Beat Around the Bush

boys girls Yahoo Answer Fails - 4797275136
Created by fishyfish90

Borrow a Magnet From a Mormon

fork knife lost Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6256800512
Created by Roxtar ( Via Yahoo Answers )

Scanty hair!

bald girls hair Yahoo Answer Fails - 4556223232
Created by pecosdave ( Via )
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