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Yahoo Answer Fails

Firstly What's With Your Use of Clauses It Really Unevenly Distributes Information By Not Treating Important Actions As Self-Contained

advice reading tldr Yahoo Answer Fails - 4394766848
Created by Unknown

Yahoo Answers: Check My Grammatical

Funny Yahoo Answers fail for someone who asks 'to check my grammatical'
Created by UrSoFunee

What Kind of Pollution?

skin Yahoo Answer Fails - 6123237120
Created by Unknown

Yahoo Answers on Snake Venom: Ssssstupid!

Yahoo answers funny fail of someone asking about how to milk a snake for venom for his blow gun. Troll tells him to just pet the snakes and they'll give him some venom in a cup.
Created by Slyli_7vs1313

Poem Troll

homework poem school Yahoo Answer Fails - 4564275968
Created by leelumggg

Now If You Could Just Balance the Plate on Your Head

men sandwich sexytimes women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4804791296
Created by Deconion ( Via )

You Found Mah Bukkit?!!

freezer ice pedobear walrus water Yahoo Answer Fails - 4492537344


earth gullible sun Yahoo Answer Fails - 3274079744
Created by Unknown

Teen Wolf Three?

embarrassing hair problem werewolf Yahoo Answer Fails - 4333882112
Created by Unknown


windows 7 wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 5044926976
Created by RazorCookie ( Via )

It Better Have Bacon In It

delicious dirty talk girlfriend sandwich Yahoo Answer Fails - 3776813824
Created by Unknown

Facebook Is Too Mainstream

facebook mainstream status Yahoo Answer Fails - 4538816512
Created by Unknown

They Sell Their Bodies to Feed Their Families

animals food poor rich Yahoo Answer Fails - 4930490368
Created by Wesker the Protoman ( Via )

Mr. Sensitive Is at it Again

time Yahoo Answer Fails - 6159376640

You'll Hairdly Notice, Just Beardly

beard girls hair Yahoo Answer Fails - 4311172352
Created by iMoogle

The Bear Next Door

book pedobear story the r word title Yahoo Answer Fails - 5087911936
Created by Bronxbombers5665
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