Art of Trolling


creations that are skillfully made but weird and bad taste | road map carpet inside a car | porta potties stacked on top of each other and wrapped in Christmas lights

Impressive Creations Of Questionable Taste

Yeah, no, it's uh... good.
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2 Sacks 1 Face

face chips wtf comments - 6822921472
Created by chadd990
wtf memes, awful memes, random memes, weird memes | Person - Alana Massey O @AlanaMassey Happy 4 year anniversary time had sex swamp and got UTI resisted 3 antibiotics and spread my kidneys! 7/24/17, 13:12 982 RETWEETS 2,468 LIKES

11 Awful Things From The Internet With No Redeeming Qualities

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Hey Sis, You've Got Some Wax In Your Ear

bad brother love wtf - 5042585344
Created by ObscureReference

Papa Gino Uses Something Special in His Sauce

funny memes hand in trunk of car
Via makerqi

Vote Page Wars

grammar women wtf - 6128079616
Created by RandomUsernameBluh

Can't Tell If Trolling or Cancer Is Really Exciting

cancer facebook spelling typo wtf - 5825383936
Created by Unknown

"I Mean, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!"


Call Me Sometime

wtf call me - 6852743936
Created by jamman98

I Know This Because I Can See the Future

fortune fortune cookies IRL wtf - 5358176000
Created by Unknown

Confused? We Don't Care, We're Tryna Watch TV!

wtf horses - 8252130048

Please, Please Be Trolling

FAIL nickelback nirvana wtf youtube - 4700462080
Created by Unknown
social media posts from people who think they're brilliant | SHOULD DISCLOSE MY IQ MY MANAGER afraid l'll trigger some insecurity him and he'll start looking reasons get rid Whenever he assigns task, he acts proud himself thinking he's keeping busy next few weeks. He actually looks disappointed done with assignment by following morning. He can't keep busy, and seem be frustrating him because My IQ test came back with score 146, higher than 99.9 population can be really dumb many areas, but

Cringey Brain-Lords Trying Way Too Hard to Seem Intelligent

Oh boy we've got a big brain coming through.
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This Is Why the Divorce Rate Is So High

cant tell if trolling engagement facebook wtf - 5158124544
Created by MrNoodle

It's All Very Technical

wtf facebook - 6739289856
Created by edeshar32
rude and disrespectful houseguests | gen3stang My cousin punched my wall. Left hole and started laughing he got his first house went over and punched hole right wall waited 11 years do .

Amazingly Disrespectful Things Done By Houseguests

How hard is it to be decent?
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