Art of Trolling


Tree Love

sexytimes wtf yahoo answers - 4300791040
By Vloidsecretomy

"I Mean, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!"


Please, Please Be Trolling

FAIL nickelback nirvana wtf youtube - 4700462080
By Unknown

Dolan Uses Wandows

computer spelling wtf - 6064787712
By Unknown

Keeping Our Streets Free of Kids

IRL sign wtf - 6283339008
By Unknown

Form an Orderly Queue, Ladies

funny t shirt old retired golfers and sex maniacs society


Chat Roulette dude eating food guy wtf - 3327271168
By Unknown

Was It On a Van?

dumb IRL news pedobear wtf - 5505537024
By -insertfunnyname (Via

Meddle of Hardware

cardboard IRL Sad wtf - 5098656512
By -Ghost-

I Became One With the Unholy Emperor

school wtf - 8381415680

That's Exactly the Kind of Sign a Murderer Would Put Up

camping sign irl
Via countrycomedy

I Totally Relate

hair wtf comments facebook - 6866483200
By mstsnitro

On the depths of

face amazon wtf review - 7061140992
By Unknown

"Don't Ask"


Classic: Once You Go Lemon Party, You Can't Go Back

lemon party shock sites what does the internet th what does the internet think wtf - 6360767488
By ZOMGCookies (Via

Can't Tell if Trolling or Worst Person Ever

666 IRL kkk wtf - 6335319296
By Unknown
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