Art of Trolling

wrong number

Sorry, you've got the wrong number. Try again, or maybe just get the right one.

Not Sure I'm Qualified

best of week shift work wrong number - 5240236800
Created by Snorky ( Via )

I Appreciate the Show, Though

wrong number that looks naughty sms - 6812848896

Srsly Lemme Kno

wrong number cheese texting - 8381394688
troll for drugs to wrong number

Dude Trolls a Wrong Number Asking to Buy Drugs, Sends Mystery Buyer to an Abandoned Building

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accident bodies IRL text wrong number - 4136182528
Created by Unknown

Thanks for the Pics Though!

wrong number texting sexting - 8288080128
wrong number troll

Guy Looking for a New Apartment Trolls a Scammer With Pictures of Ducks

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Not Quite Daddy's Little Angel

IRL parenting sms teen wrong number - 6433018368
Created by Unknown
scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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I Have the Weirdest Boner Right Now

wrong number bro is a scary dude
Via Kicktotheut3rus

There's a Good Chance of It...

texting wrong number - 8325840384

Death Before Cake!

cake wrong number texting - 8113541888
Via Google

Nah Bro, That's Just What I Wanted to See

sms texting wrong number - 6577803264
Created by Unknown

So Nyeeehhh!!!

texting wrong number - 8225833728

It Was Sophie the Whole Time

wrong number texting funny - 6280869632

Today's Gonna Be a Good Day, I Can Feel It!

wrong number texting - 8125691136
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