Art of Trolling

wrong number

Sorry, you've got the wrong number. Try again, or maybe just get the right one.

Srsly Lemme Kno

wrong number cheese texting - 8381394688

I Appreciate the Show, Though

wrong number that looks naughty sms - 6812848896
Created by Unknown

I Know That Troll, Bro

i know that feel IRL sms wrong number - 6275993856
Created by Unknown
scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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It Was Sophie the Whole Time

wrong number texting funny - 6280869632
Created by Unknown

I Have the Weirdest Boner Right Now

wrong number bro is a scary dude
Via Kicktotheut3rus


accident bodies IRL text wrong number - 4136182528
Created by Unknown

Nah Bro, That's Just What I Wanted to See

sms texting wrong number - 6577803264
Created by Trevor

Thanks for the Pics Though!

wrong number texting sexting - 8288080128

Wrong Number of the Day: Cool Dude with a Beautiful Beard Has the Best Responses When a Stranger Keeps Texting Him

A stranger texting this guy and his beard gets the best responses.
Via EWW3

Death Before Cake!

cake wrong number texting - 8113541888
Via Google

Glenn and I

wrong number text messages facebook sms - 6785405184
Created by GFred

I Had to Read That All for Nothing!

phones wrong number texting - 7371136512
Created by DeadWalker74

Not Sure I'm Qualified

best of week shift work wrong number - 5240236800
Created by Snorky ( Via )

What a Coincidence!

wrong number selfie texting - 7790407936
Created by Unknown

Today's Gonna Be a Good Day, I Can Feel It!

wrong number texting - 8125691136
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