Art of Trolling


Well, That Explains It

feels woman facebook - 7106857216
Created by Cridgeon

Needed to Be Able to Wear More Glitter

body michael jackson woman Yahoo Answer Fails - 4541010688
Created by miatetangco
Hilarious Trolling Recreations of  Celebrity Instagram Photos

Woman Trolls Celebrity Instagram Photos & The Results Are Hilarious

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Wemon, Wemon Everywhere

facebook grammar grandma spelling woman women - 5967510528
Created by zebishishish

I've Got a Knife Out Already

facebook killer kitchen sandwich woman - 5447459072
Created by soundman_swobblez


kitchen woman - 4011648000
Created by Unknown

Reframed: Someone For Everyone

opinion woman eww - 6838120960
Created by WhittyCat

They Really Do

Sexy Ladies man woman facebook - 6837888768
Created by Unknown
guy trolls a scammer

Guy Trolls Scammer for Fake Nudes, Pisses Them off like Crazy

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IRL Troll: Intruder Problem?

bathroom dress gender intruder IRL man woman - 4561031936
Created by Unknown


boy Omegle woman - 4275494912
Created by 1337Vivian

Do You Have Luscious Locks?

moobs Omegle woman - 4904692224
Created by greenbeany12