Art of Trolling

wolfram alpha

Come At Me, Skynet

skynet wolfram alpha - 5556803840
Created by etsnyman

I'm Guessing You Wouldn't Do Much, Then

noms wolfram alpha - 5489455872
Created by sushi_luver

I'll Get Back to You On That One

pi wolfram alpha - 5530805248
Created by LHHuman

Can't Tell if Awesome or Anti-Joke Chicken

definition over 9000 wolfram alpha - 5450749952
Created by Unknown

More Bad News: The Hottie's Your Sister

Luke star wars wolfram alpha - 5491654912
Created by afroboy27

Jenny Don't Change Your Number

song lyrics wolfram alpha - 5508229376
Created by hailtothemonkey

They're Everywhere!

captcha wolfram alpha - 5472501248
Created by TheStiefmen

This Is Wolfram!

300 movies wolfram alpha - 5485494272
Created by vmtr

What Is Your Quest?

monty python wolfram alpha - 5468065792
Created by Liverpoollad

It Is NOT Vile, You Pretentious Tart

Rum wolfram alpha - 5464818688
Created by silent_watcher

That Required Little to No Diligence

boring easter eggs wolfram alpha - 5516542976

I Do Believe in Fat Men, I Do

real santa wolfram alpha - 5464811008
Created by silent_watcher

Try Asking Siri

monty python swallow wolfram alpha - 5434636800
Created by foxboy666

And What Does He Do?

daddy wolfram alpha - 5455517952
Created by dodinon

I Do, But Never the Whole Thing

accidentally the whole sometimes wolfram alpha - 5531313152
Created by efrazable

Third Time This Week, Wolfram

lost the game wolfram alpha - 5443762432
Created by Unknown
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