Art of Trolling


Not Even Windows Can Do It

error justin bieber talent windows - 4346589696
Created by WhiteWolf100
windows trolltube Video - 69711105

Man Gets a Phone Call From a Windows Scammer, Pretends to Be a Thief in His Own Home

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We've been asking the wrong people the whole time!

magnets Mormon Chat mormons questions windows - 4475613696
Created by Vlad

Where'd the BSOD Come From?

best of week crash facebook nascar windows - 5387662336
Created by TrollTrain

That Lazy, Deadbeat Window!

windows funny signs - 7792863744

Recursion Driver Not Installed

internet explorer IRL recursion windows - 4532234496

Local Apple Store Just Opened

apple store windows nic cage - 7098878976
Created by freshbru

Troll Windows Knows When to Update

microsoft windows - 7930325248

See If I Report That One

error FAIL problem windows - 4962427648
Created by InsertCredit


laptops windows microsoft apple - 8405269760

"Oh, I See You're in a Hurry. It'd Be a Shame if You..."

windows - 7310724608

This Just in from the Windows Store!

Via willdapod

Windows Explained

computers windows - 6592808448
Created by jdm280

Risk of Disease

disease mouse virus what windows - 4588736768
Created by GameDude9446

Like a Mac Would Be Any Better

facebook game reality windows - 4920195584

I'm a Mac, and I'm an A.C.

computers mac windows Yahoo Answer Fails - 4603800064
Created by SteevyT
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