Art of Trolling


You Should Probably Wash Up

facebook shock sites win - 4825546240
By trollnoob

It Knows Lady Gaga Well

google translate win - 4948507904
By Joadiogoborges

Not Flying, But Driving With Style

Via Brown Cardigan

Petition Aims to Change U.S. National Anthem to Best Sonic Adventures 2 Song


How to Win at Omegle

floating Gravity moon Omegle pen win - 4307117312
By Unknown

Maybe Try Not Being So Two-Dimensional

plane spelling win Yahoo Answer Fails - 4946820352
By NocensAstrum (Via
dogs list revenge text prank win - 1028869

Next Time You Need a Good Revenge Prank Idea, Try This 'Lost Dog Reward' Poster

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pranks money Video win - 72869121

Prankster Lee Nelson Hijacks FIFA Press Conferences to Shower Sepp Blatter in Fake Money

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Insert Baby, Receive Way Easier (and Fuzzier) Responsibility

Bathroom Graffiti pets hacked irl g rated win - 8095085312
By Unknown

Going Out With a Bang

fired IRL win work - 4969701632
By Unknown
awesome batman Chat Roulette Video win - 6103809


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Shouldn't That Be Caffeine Free Pepsi?

funny memes mormons brought free pepsi
Via politicaldan
Auction winner won't pay up, so they learn their lesson the hard way | r/ProRevenge Join u/Ryan_is_my_real_name 2y 1 Win my auction and not pay? Oh trust going pay! TL;DR: at bottom make art as hobby. Metal sculptures only sell them need bit money something had holiday coming up so listed one here on TradeMe (an auction site 1 reserve auction lasted 10 days and piece got quite bit interest time with lots people adding their watchlist and bidding on

Auction Winner Won't Pay, Learns Their Lesson

Should've just paid on up.
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There's a Reason For Renovations Everyone Can Understand

funny win sign motel renovations due to spider
Via admiralskippy
Guy sends woman inappropriate comment asking what kind of penis she likes and she proceeds to troll him

Woman Epically Trolls a Creep Who Won't Stop Sending Her Inappropriate Messages On Facebook

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We've Reached Peak Dad Humor

Via frizzielizzie83
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