Art of Trolling


Stop Looking at Me

Awkward creeper plea wikipedia - 5563213312
Created by Unknown

Wu-Tang is Forever

hip hop rap wikipedia - 8292580352

The 3 Golden Steps

best of week sandwich wikipedia women - 5275010048
Created by AwesomesauceIAm

He Dropped the Beats on His Head

Death raisin face skrillex wikipedia - 6055446528
Created by ichckid098

Half-Time Troll

black-eyed peas football high school lol super bowl wikipedia - 4436417536
Created by Unknown

They're onto me!

list wikipedia - 6235722752
Created by Scrunt

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked Being Aware of Awareness

awareness ribbon wikipedia - 5615993088
Created by Unknown

The Blind Beggar

appeal blindness wikipedia - 5583163904
Created by TotallyAGodot

Certainly Has Me Fooled

China racist wikipedia - 6068246016
Created by wallerus77

What Kind of Disambiguation Is There?

edit Soviet Russia wikipedia - 4517850880
Created by mithandir

Page 978 Is Being Revised, Please Rip It Out

book wikipedia - 5247232768
Created by Unknown

Be On Your Giardia

bieber fever disease jellyfish wikipedia - 4479870720
Created by Unknown

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a What Now?

bear wiki appeal wikipedia - 5588766464
Created by floatdub

Can I Live?

wikipedia - 8755870464
Created by Unknown

That Tickled, Officer!

security TSA wikipedia - 4979342336
Created by GravyOnPie ( Via )

How Exotic!

Pronunciation wikipedia - 6239394560
Created by ltczippy
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