Art of Trolling


Please Read: A Personal Appeal From Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

wikipedia - 8150999040

Citation Needed

wikipedia wtf - 6636757248
By Unknown

Really, Nobody?

monty python wikipedia - 5237156608
By Doncini

Wikipedia: Troll's Labyrinth

rickroll wikipedia - 5187983104
By NachoSada (Via

I'm Aware Alright

awareness best of week wikipedia zombie - 5392413952
By 64BitFrost (Via

For a Brief Moment, This is What US World Cup Hero John Brooks's Wikipedia Page Looked Like

world cup soccer wikipedia failbook g rated - 8225421056
Via kellymillspaugh

Now the world knows

Music wikipedia justin bieber - 6790863616
By ClockerSLA

IRL Troll: Biblepedia

bible IRL mormons Protest wikipedia - 4634916608
By Unknown

Wiki Vandals: Oh, I Thought That Was His Stage Name

look alike wikipedia - 5159804160
By Unknown

The Blind Beggar

appeal blindness wikipedia - 5583163904
By TotallyAGodot


golden globes history wikipedia - 6971019520
By ErintheAlchemist

A Fearsome Beast

dd wiki appeal wikipedia - 5588809984
By floatdub

Who Needs Thumbnails? Or Sources?

facebook plagiarism wikipedia - 5389359360
By Bendyrulz

So Close, Just a Little More

Awkward best of week faptimes plea wikipedia - 5568542208
By Unknown

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a What Now?

bear wiki appeal wikipedia - 5588766464
By floatdub

What Kind of Disambiguation Is There?

edit Soviet Russia wikipedia - 4517850880
By mithandir
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