Art of Trolling

wheres waldo

Thing is, I chose a picture with no waldo in it

wheres waldo waldo - 7657683712
By cyrusgw (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


Chat Roulette waldo wheres waldo - 3360472832
By Rivvets

Classic: Ah, So This Is Where You've Been Hiding

waldo wheres waldo - 4929754624
By Unknown

Come On, Waldo, Step It Up!

military wheres waldo waldo army - 7607895296
By Unknown

There He Is!

wheres waldo waldo - 8078384896
By Unknown

Waldos Years and I Didn't Realize It!

tumblr wheres waldo waldo - 8026290432
By Unknown

Found Him!

wheres waldo waldo - 7787803648
By Unknown

He's Not Even Trying Anymore

wheres waldo IRL dead trolling - 6657322752
By _C_A_T_

See Ya Later, I Give Up Already

twitter wheres waldo sportscenter - 7613584128
By Mister_Awesome

Where Does Evil Like This Come From?

that's the evilest thing i can imagine wheres waldo waldo mojo jojo - 8055449600
By Unknown

The Nazi-Pirates-Who-Are-Also-Aliens Couldn't Even Find Carmen Sandiego!

awesome review shoppers beware wheres waldo - 5326196992
By absurdapple

Children's Books: Brought to You by the NSA!

NSA wheres waldo - 7561684992
By Unknown

Found Him!


Found Him!

wheres waldo waldo - 8306198528