Art of Trolling


That's No Whale

iphone text message whale - 5467895296
By silverpaw84


Chat Roulette fat whale - 3421821184
By Unknown

Elephant of a Tail

butt elephant whale - 4349700096
By moonfloweroftc

That Doesn't Sound Like Whale Song

fat singing whale youtube - 5767970560
By Bendyrulz

Dolphin on whale action!

dolphin fat sexytime shark unsee whale - 3391215872
By Unknown

Whale This Is Awkward

Via srgtbear

Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Tumblr Person

Chuck Testa Memes whale - 5209451520
By Unknown

Don't Talk About My Momma Like That!

Omegle parents spymode whale - 5744689664
By Unknown

Did You Fail Marine Biology?

dumb text message whale - 5213168640
By Alexwin

Grab the Harpoon

cereal guy whale Rage Comics - 5214179072
By Unknown

My Charles, You've Really Let Yourself Go

dumb prince text whale - 5201043968
By Unknown

The Rare Toilet Whale

gross IRL poop text message whale - 6000424960
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Extremely Annoying Friend

annoying best of week text whale - 5181307648
By Unknown

It Fell From the Sky

field IRL whale wtf - 5258672128
By Carlos (Via

No, It's Shark Piss

google jazz ocean whale - 4511248384
By RikuW