Art of Trolling


Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Kids These Days

smoke wheat 2016
Via carojito

Not Just Burning Rubber

google weed - 5200318464
Created by FatBeaver

Smoking Weed May Not Be a Crime in Colorado Anymore, But Theft Still Is...

marijuana 420 weed - 8002462720
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Real Talk Tho

marijuana pot weed - 8270312960

This Nug is So Dank, It Has Eyes!


Respecting the cops...

cops grammar police respect smoking weed Yahoo Answer Fails - 4483990016
Created by Frodown

Use a Hori Hori

kill plants president weed Yahoo Answer Fails - 4894136576
Created by mysockhurts

Who Are You Trying to Impress?


Next Time, Hide the Weed

cat dogs english hiding typing weed youtube - 4372659200
Created by liepster
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