Art of Trolling


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This is What All Those Cutesy Drone Videos You've Watched Are Really Like

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Obviously The Biggest Best Man Duty is Pranking the Newlyweds' House Before They Come Back From Their Honeymoon

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How to Start a Flame War

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An entitled bridezilla ends up cancelling her wedding and keeping $30K gifts for herself | Bride Hi invitées wedding! After much reflection and tear filled conversation with our closest family members have decided cancel our upcoming winter wedding will further notify this group are better place reschedule thank each and every one generous early donations our money fund. Can believe have raised over $30,000 Unbelievable! Don't worry money donated will not be spent vain but rather used towards

Bridezilla Cancels Wedding, Keeps $30K Of Gifts For Herself

Get out of here with that.
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karen objects to her son getting married during the wedding ceremony cringeworthy fail

Karen Objects At Son's Wedding

Get it together, Karen.
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Thought I Was Proposing, Did You?

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Bride wants to airbrush over her bridesmaid's tattoos | SOS need advice comes large tats. My foster sister has few very large mural tattoos on her arms! She is only one wedding who will have tattoos showing paying lot perfect wedding and photographer so am really struggling with do do not want be bride, but they are going stand out like sore thumb as they are very vibrant. Do ask airbrush make up lady go over them as know 's possible or do work with photographer and see if she could edit them

Bride Wants To Airbrush Over Bridesmaid's Tattoos

Let the tattoos be.
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Tears of Joy Followed By Tears of Rage

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That's Nice...

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Thanks, San Jose Mercury News!

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bride China McDonald's troll wedding - 1341701

Fast Food, Fast Life: Groomsmen Troll Bride and Dress Up as McDonald's Food for an Absurd Wedding Procession

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Send Assistance!

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IRL jump marriage proposals scary Video wedding - 22422785

Some People Shouldn't Wed

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It Could Be a While

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Maturity is Not a Groomsman's Strong Suit

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