Art of Trolling


you are just hiding the true answer!

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Goths Have No Business Communing With Nature

trolling meme about goths in trees

Special Dating site

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By ninth1der

Try It Yourself...

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It's True.

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Today, Our Website Was Trolled. FML

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You Are Beautiful

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Now Back to the Kitchen, or I Will Hack You a Second Time

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Get Ready to lol

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By Trolol69

Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn

website april fools corn Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn
Via @mashable
Video website the office - 84550145

Fans of 'The Office' Now Have a Website Where They Can Find the Perfect Stare for Every Mood

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An Apartment That Defies Mathematics

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By Unknown