Art of Trolling


Stop Writing on My Wall!

graffiti painting wall - 7561644800
By Unknown

It's Better This Way

graffiti IRL sorry wall - 6105129472
By Unknown

Please Do Not Deface Notices

IRL signs thanks wall - 4773360128
By Flargon

Can't Tell If Trolling Kool Aid Car or Terrible Driver

IRL kool aid oh yeah wall - 5554324736
By Noswell

Get Well Soon

graffiti IRL wall - 6004528640
By Unknown

Could Have Been the Hulk

broken IRL kool-aid man wall - 4892966656
By Unknown

Touch It If You Want

dry IRL paint wall - 6476352512
By Sup123

Can You See the Optical Illusion Hiding in This Brick Wall?

optical illusion wall image Can You See the Optical Illusion Hiding in This Brick Wall?
Via mirror

This Neighborhood Just Got a Whole Lot Kooler

kool aid oh yeah wall - 7013211136
By Unknown

No Mister Shark, Paint Chips Are Bad For You!

fish IRL shark wall - 4887023360
By NomCheezburgerNom

Classic: Why Are You Never at Your Desk?

camera IRL painting wall win - 4961413376
By taloosh

Break ALL the Walls

nokia phone wall Yahoo Answer Fails - 5762695936
By bluebi56

So High Above Me

IRL lyrics wall - 4771507968
By Unknown

Open, Damn You!

door IRL narnia wall - 5407361536
By Unknown

Blue Wall of Death.

computers IRL wall - 6108161024
By Unknown

can't think of a clever title

caught graffiti IRL wall - 6199903744
By Unknown
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