Art of Trolling

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Who Knew the Dovahkiin Was in Parliament?

Bad Translator video game Skyrim - 6936061440
Created by spicymchaggis013
history slavery Video video game - 25339905

Lincoln's the Villain

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I was playing Anodyne and walked up to a rock to see what it said...

forever alone rock friends video game - 7055480320
Created by iWaddle ( Via Newgrounds )

Can't Tell if Trolling or Interesting Hobby

IRL sticker video game - 6069448960
Created by cozjam


Babies review Movie video game wii - 6981070336
Created by Kyoiii

Hero Trolling

hero link Mormon Chat legend of zelda video game - 6892421120
Created by Glockenhiemer

Thanks for the Motivation...

motivation video game - 7063726848
Created by Rose


girlfriend Pokémon rage video game Yahoo Answer Fails - 3786987008
Created by Unknown

It Gets Better

minecraft suicide video game Yahoo Answer Fails - 4612615936
Created by issue-11

Just Take It, Please

horrible IRL superman video game - 6149018368
Created by Unknown