Art of Trolling

u mad bro

I'll Take "Old Dudes Who Are Mad" for $1,000,000

u mad bro funny - 7489706752
By Unknown

Let's Go! Or Not...

art of trolling environment IRL monday thru friday seal u mad bro walrus - 6328643840
Via Arctic Ready

Classic Keyboard Troll

computer u mad bro keyboard - 6964381184
By Leigh_of_kent

Should Have Read the Book

Harry Potter spoilers u mad bro - 4974044416
By Growlerz

Classic: You Drive a Camry, Bro

IRL license plate toyota u mad bro - 5226422784
By banecouch


car IRL u mad bro - 6324367360
By BasementCatsAdvocate

You're Pre-Approved!

application credit card IRL u mad bro - 4922415360
By sinkillerj

No, But You're About to Be

u mad bro video games - 6033490688
By Daniel Elliott

U Dewey?

IRL troll u mad bro - 4829014528
By Unknown

Someone did this in science class

school u mad bro keyboard - 7377747712
By Mr._Nobby_Nobb (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
best of week football IRL u mad bro Video - 25374465

Always Trust Urban Dictionary

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Dost Thou Have a Problem?

u mad shakespeare problem u mad bro - 7294627584
By Unknown