Art of Trolling


Still a Better Love Story...

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By Hectare


tampons twilight vampires Yahoo Answer Fails - 3820281856
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Trolling or Legitimate Advice

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By Unknown

Just About as Bloody

Sad twilight youtube - 5685417472
By Yumbero

But Then Again...

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By ZevVeli

Mm, Garlicy Pizza

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By asherzxyz

You Mean That Isn't How They Always Look?

twilight IRL - 6665752576
By Unknown

Trolling the Twilight Crowd!!!

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By NeonMako

It's Her Own Fault

kristen stewart twilight - 6595778048
By Guest of mystery

Scared and Confused

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By Real_live_scientist

Still a Better Sleep Aide Than Ambien

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By FalloutPittbull

It's Just Sad

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By LazyMangaArtist

Well Played, Salesman

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By Unknown

No, you will have just watched Twilight twice.

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By Unknown

Just Start Chugging the Bottle

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By Unknown

Those Are Barely Even Words

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By PrincessWordplay