Art of Trolling

truancy story

Can't Have Quacks Just Roaming Around

homework truancy story Yahoo Answer Fails - 5801631744
By jj626200

F for Effort

ninja test truancy story - 6616038400
By Unknown

The Most Interesting Essay In the World

homework the most interesting man in the world truancy story - 5522403840
By Grungemann97

I Did Nazi What You Did There

IRL math truancy story - 6579160064
By Unknown

Keep Going to the School or Else It Will Become DOORmant!

door truancy story puns - 6669301760
Via Passive Aggressive Notes

This is Not the Prof You're Looking For

wtf star wars IRL truancy story - 6716141568
By Unknown

Definitely D

best of week IRL physics test truancy story - 5813408768
By Unknown


IRL Memes test hunger games truancy story - 6376877824
Via nerdquirks

Eight Whole Paragraphs?!

essay google google search hero truancy story - 5796726016
By xtratoothpaste

Yahoo Answers Plagiarizer: Just Change the Order of the Sentences

Funny picture of an exchange on Yahoo Answers in which the answer was just plagiarized right off Wikipedia.
By Serucipe

Work Smarter, Not Harder

line maze truancy story - 6528329728
By Unknown

We Own a Horse

i own a horse test truancy story - 4370497536
By sargeantbob

Art of Trolling: What's Going to Get a Big Fat F?

homework IRL Memes test truancy story - 5527057920
By Unknown

Where's #000000 Sheep?

sheep truancy story textbook - 6625350144
By Unknown

I Hear Mr. Thomas Likes Oatmeal Cookies

classroom rules truancy story - 6576264448
By Unknown

Irritating Beyond Words, I Assure You

IRL textbook truancy story - 6330257920
By Unknown