Art of Trolling

troll science

Classic: You Deserve a Drink!

exercise IRL troll science - 6279218176
By GalderGollum


magnets troll science - 4562956032
By MurphyMoose
optical illusion troll science Video - 15156225

Problem, Escher?

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Light Savings

mirrors troll science light - 4239241984
By Kabacho

Battle of the Cheez: The VietNOM War

troll science war - 5527128832
By Unknown

IRL Troll Science: Problem, Gravity?

friends Gravity IRL troll science walls - 4272321024
By Batcommander


albert einstein time troll science umad - 4599598848
By Rossmosis

The Tosser Disease

soda troll science water - 6124555520
Via Fake Science

How to Breathe Underwater

troll science - 8324685568

A Simple Guide

cat dogs guide simple troll science - 6157758464
By StickGuy94

Forever Alone

forever alone sms troll science - 4362443008
By Unknown

Handle With Care

electricity troll science - 5918284288
By jennacquesta
coins fire troll science Video - 12182529

Troll Science Party Tricks

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Troll Physics Strikes Again!

physics infinite energy troll science sun electricity science funny energy - 7511030272
By tomnow92

Troll Science at Work

yahoo answers troll science volcano - 4237544704
By Angelhedgie

Classic: Free, Too!

power troll science - 4904835840
By Unknown
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