Art of Trolling

Troll Doll

Boop Your Belly!

april fools gifs Troll Doll - 6049270528
Created by Unknown

Two Heads are Better Than One!

april fools Troll Doll - 6049286144
Created by Unknown

Troll Art

april fools art Troll Doll - 6049299456
Via Genedoh

When Life Gives You Troll Hair

april fools IRL troll Troll Doll - 6045113088
Created by Unknown

A Trolling Troll!

april fools fishing Troll Doll - 6045743104
Created by Unknown

IRL Trolls!

april fools costume Troll Doll - 6049265408
Created by Unknown

How's This for the Troll Under the Bridge?

april fools bridge Troll Doll - 6045751552
Via Culumon