Art of Trolling


troll plays dude legendary

Thirsty Dude Goes Nuts After Getting Played By Legendary Troll

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Troll Facebook

facebook forever alone troll - 4421193216
By Unknown

Troll Ball

horse lol Memes troll - 4584552448
By un1k3n (Via
Funny person trolls scammer with absurd made-up neighbor drama until he gives up | Hello is neighbor with some car trouble can assist My neighbor am experiencing car trouble and left my wallet mistakingly at home Is this Jeff? Yes Oh should've said so can just grab wallet and bring am far away bring could send Apple Pay and will pay back shortly Absolutely, Jeff type neighbor would be if didn't help out. Right Thank just send amount 50 this number did change number though, Jeff just spoke

Frustrated Scammer Trolled with Made-Up Neighbor Drama, Gives Up

How do you gain this power?
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Valentine's Day Is a Drag

drag troll trollface Valentines day - 4462385664
By Unknown
Customer support troll account who responds to various complaints made by customers

'The Amazing Troll-Man' Hilariously Impersonates Customer Service Representatives

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Choose Your Username Wisely

lies Music troll username youtube - 4246479872
By KodaHasCheezburger

It's a Tough Job

internet troll work - 5554229248
By iWaddle (Via

Ad Block

troll on Youtube makes bad advice on blocking ads and giving thumbs up instead
By valdred (Via Cheezburger)

This Might Take a While

gifs troll stop funny - 8446079488
By anselmbe

It's In the Bathroom

dungeon gifs troll - 5073916672
By Unknown
fox news troll Video youtube - 13917441

Ashley Said She Was Trolled

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trolltube troll Video - 60390401

Meanwhile in Russia of the Day: This Russian Guy Cannot Deal With the Oculus Rift

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The Real Creeper

creeper minecraft troll video games - 4334002944
By Unknown

Manetees: Trolls of the Sea

cow troll - 4462282496
By dominoiscute
Tinder Game of Thrones Troll

Bro on Tinder Carefully Uses Game of Thrones to Troll Chick Interested in His Friend

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