Art of Trolling


He Owns a Horse

horse IRL pony train - 4773214208
By domKaos

He Will Be Missed

Death facebook insensitive train - 5943000320
By Austin

Choo Troll Train

IRL train troll face win - 5110237184
By Unknown

Have a Drink

drinks napping train sleeping - 7380822016
By Unknown

Go Home Bus, You're Drunk

bus train drunk - 6691952640
By Unknown

But the Trains Need Humping!

glass hump IRL train weird - 5027434496
By Pinkshyagent
train Video - 78429697

The Sassiest Train Conductor Provided Some Much Needed Levity to This Ride

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Oh, Thank God.

signs trains Oh, Thank God.
Via pleated-jeans

You'll Be Telling Soon

pedobear teenager train Yahoo Answer Fails - 4826454272
By Unknown

Classic: I Accidentally the Whole Engine

IRL money train - 5276375040
By Choozhoo
IRL motorcycle train - 19657217

IRL Troll: How to Wash a Train

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Thanks Luke!

murder etiquette train - 6716834816
By Tman89frost

Say Hi To Mickey For Me

text train sms - 7076599040
By freshbru
train Video - 34109185

Cutting It Close There

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magnets Pokémon train video games - 4391888640
By Unknown
improv everywhere train Video - 35677697

A Short and Loud Nap

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