Art of Trolling


Uhh... I'm Just Gonna Back Up Really Slowly...

wtf cars driving blind traffic - 8357373696

Uh... Wha... Hey... Wait... Okay... Stop... Go... Stop!

driving gif traffic - 7950067200
By Unknown

Enter Your Initials

driving speed limit speeding speed traffic - 8096292352
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: I'm Unemployed

IRL traffic u mad - 4768220672
By Unknown

Troll Lvl: Human Mollusc

traffic - 7039452416
By freshbru (Via Rémi GAILLARD)

Yes, Yes I Am

IRL late signs traffic - 4733962496
Via my name is bennett

Not Today, Polizei!

driving Germany traffic - 8346014464
By anselmbe

Traffic May Not Be Diverted, But My Attention Is

IRL sign traffic - 4989186048
By thegreatiaino

You're on Your Own

highway signs driving traffic - 8296209152

"This Light is Taking Forever!"

pedestrians walking traffic - 8009385472
By Unknown

What's the Hold-Up?

Traffic Jam traffic - 7387021824
By Unknown

We Know You're Out There!

driving traffic - 8326206464

Traffic Sucks

work driving traffic - 8277032448

Don't Mind Me!

driving crosswalk traffic - 7797378048
By Unknown

Back Off!

lube driving bumper stickers traffic - 8209480448

Watch Out! We've Got an Evil Genius Here!

cars driving license plates traffic vanity plates - 8096183296
By Unknown
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