Art of Trolling

toilet paper

But Why?

toilet paper trolling zip ties But Why?
Via bloogza

I Was Gonna Wipe, Actually

IRL note rude toilet paper - 5518768384
By dadles

Not That Desperate

toilet paper duct tape - 8425403648

Burn the Whole Bathroom Down

spiders toilet paper - 8752580352
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There IS Something Worse Than Toilet Paper Hung Up in the Wrong Direction...

toilet paper bathroom prank - 8408765184
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It Leaves You Sparkling Clean!

bathroom IRL toilet paper twilight - 5024089600
By Unknown

What Do I Do?

toilet paper - 8438457344

Rick Toilet Roll'd

pun rick roll toilet paper - 6941635328
By Unknown

It's Art, Okay?

art toilet paper - 7978085632
By Unknown

TP Goes Where?

IRL pooptimes sign toilet paper - 5893785600
By madix33

You Disgusting Beasts

best of week IRL poop toilet paper - 5732941568
By Unknown

I Don't Need These Underpants, Do I?

best of week empty IRL toilet paper - 5555106048

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

IRL pooptimes toilet paper - 5518784000
By dadles

Classic: Ha-Ha

IRL simpsons toilet paper - 4969723392
By Unknown

I Don't Think Duct Tape Fixes EVERYTHING

bathroom duct tape IRL toilet paper - 4839227136
By Unknown

OCD Problems

ocd toilet paper - 8012224256
By tymin4tor
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