Art of Trolling


It is an Art Which Takes Long to Master


Leave It Up to the Teacher to Be Honest

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Created by Unknown

How to tell if your son is gay

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"I'll Allow It"

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This kid has a one track mind

Test answer a kid put on a test in which everything is a toilet answer.
Via Trolling

The Funniest Answer is the Best Answer

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Created by pissingmeoff

I Don't Want to Be in This Classroom Anymore

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Think Outside the Boo

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Who Ever Thought That Online Testing Was a Good Idea?

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This is Why Teachers Drink

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Created by Xekomaster ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

You've Got a Point

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Well Played...

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Netflix Has the Best Student Deals


It is an Art Which Takes Long to Master

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Cheater Alert!

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