Art of Trolling


Just Turn It Into Chocolate Ice Cream

best of week fake poop tattoo - 5500075776
Created by Unknown

It doesn't matter what country, bro

Chat Roulette douche guido tattoo - 3426883072
Created by Unknown

Make Sure It's Tribal or Features a Butterfly

facebook owned tattoo - 5048968448
Created by haygurlhaaay

It's Only Henna

IRL name tattoo - 4794965760
Via I Raff I Ruse

Straight Thug

hip hop rap tattoo Yahoo Answer Fails - 4706792448
Created by GrinningRat

Forever Alone

alone forever alone tattoo Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6238604032
Created by aqua_turtlexx

Get One About Isosceles

angel angle spelling tattoo Yahoo Answer Fails - 5115824640
Created by Rpdqxyn ( Via )


tattoo wrestling - 6566512384
Created by Trolloid


IRL rick astley rick roll tattoo - 4699808000
Created by Unknown

Can I See Them Close Up?

facebook tatas tattoo typo - 5777748992
Created by 0ogleBoogle