Art of Trolling


Siri Knows You're a Waste of Space

iphone note siri suicide - 5968572416
By Unknown

Should Have Called Back and Said "It Was Just a Prank, Bro!"

suicide prank call - 8601837312

Thanks for Nothing, Suicide Hotline

building hotline male Omegle suicide watch - 4586423040
By mwcafac91

Somebody Save Me a Seat in Hell

Mormon Chat mormons sin suicide - 4397112320
By simplyobsessed

You Also Might Need an Extension Cord

bath duck IRL suicide - 5839240448
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Go Ahead, Mate

found siri suicide - 5526000128
By bobwob


facebook grammar natural selection suicide - 6577318400
By phantombanana

What an Hero!

facebook stupid people suicide - 6621626112
By JoshPoint0
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