Art of Trolling


Just Waking Up Is Bad Enough

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By warlock666

Formerly "Application Processing"

IRL suggestions - 6590145536
By Unknown

Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Others?

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By Barry

At Least It Isn't Throwing Cocounts

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By Unknown

Oh Google, You Know Me so Well

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By CrissCrossGal

Apparently YouTube Has Taste

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By Killerchicken15

Classic: Panda, You Lead Me Astray

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By Golden_Waffle

Placement is Critical

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By Memerol

That Guy Needs to Experience Some Real Life Consequences

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By Tino

Hitler and the Biebs Would Totally Have Been Bros

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By Troller1337

Bing is Taking a Few Dings to Its Ego

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By Unknown


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By mcat52