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Military nurse deals with Karen boss | Posted by u/BangarangRufio847 14 hours ago have find my own coverage? Alrighty then! oc Rule 8 Super long(sorry) TL;DR at end About 10 years ago got my first job at nursing home after coming off active duty military director nursing, who call Dawn reserves so hit off pretty quick got my nursing license while military and had only really cared young strapping soldiers, not elderly, but Dawn and other nurses taught ropes.

Ex-Military Nurse Gets the Drop on Karen Boss

Karen did it to herself.
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Cool Story, Dead Bro

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By CatcherInTheRye


christmas twitter story - 6849105664
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facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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Story about entitled cheapskate who wants an expensive bike for cheap and gets trolled by the seller | ill give 50$ and thats higest ill go. Sorry, but 's too much low ball offer bike is worth 800 and selling 500, and so price is firm. stupid asshole spent last month saving up money bike just like this and now yoy dont care and wont help anyone other than yourselve, rot hell f t.

Dude Demands Bike For Dirt Cheap, Gets Trolled Like A Chump

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Learn to Tell a Story, Noob

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By gadget593
Boss demands new password and employee makes it impossible to type | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/foobar754 17 hours ago Just change password and write down Sure thing. oc s Back working at small company company didn't really have ton support staff so take break various programming tasks doing and would help out manager support team completely unqualified and basically got job because he also head sales and customer facing team

Lazy Boss Demands Password Change, Gets Incomprehensible Password

Be specific.
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Fail Troll

FAIL gay jk man story - 4224631808
By Sammysam
Landlord unsuccessfully tries to keep the security deposit, and it backfires on them | r/pettyrevenge Join u/Anotherminion1 Landlord "Always" Keeps Security Deposits? Game On! Please be gentle s my first story. Many moons ago, after my divorce saved up enough money move my apartment building with 12 units) and buy house really excited and told my favorite neighbor. He told not even bother trying get my security deposit back because landlord never returned security deposits

Landlord Tries To Keep Security Deposit, Petty Revenge Ensues

All landlords just need to play by the rules.
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guy tries to make deal for future son on facebook | 36 And Running Out Time Here On This Earth And Won't Settle Until Job Is Done And Plus Want Be An Amazing Father Again

Dude's Contract To Carry On Bloodline Is a Lot

Oh boy.
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parody story Video - 83472129

The Added Sound Is Everything in These Stories Made With Stock Footage Videos

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grandma refuses to learn grandson's name so grandson says her name wrong | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/notmyname2020_ AITA calling my grandma by wrong name until she gets my name right? Not hole This has going on since forever so decided do something 16m) half Mexican my dad's side and my mom's side is Scottish. Ngl most my mom's family is high key racist and is been problems sometimes growing up. My grandma on my mom's side never liked my dad and happy

Grandma Won't Learn Grandson's Name So He Mispronounces Hers

It's the least one could do.
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Showoff. You Could Have Just Called It Silicosis

Omegle spymode story - 5121290496
By Denisz0z
man combines burgers against wishes of burger guy, enraging him

Man's Effective and Idiotic Loophole Enrages Burger Guy

"That's not possible!"
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troll plays dude legendary

Thirsty Dude Goes Nuts After Getting Played By Legendary Troll

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The Bear Next Door

book pedobear story the r word title Yahoo Answer Fails - 5087911936
By Bronxbombers5665
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