Art of Trolling

steve jobs

You're Very Welcome

facebook steve steve jobs - 5282658048
By Unknown

Ubuntu Will Miss You

best of week Bill Gates IRL rip steve jobs - 5278333696
By Unknown

That'd Kill Anyone

steve jobs twilight - 5777425920
By amogl0

Re-Trolled: Times Are Getting Harder

johnny cash rip steve jobs - 5298227712
By BurtonDeathMarch

Nothing. Clearly Nothing.

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By JayVeE20-12


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By Hupert McStuffins

We're In Bad Shape

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By Elisa Luna

Screw Your Rules!

steve jobs - 7763655936
By Unknown

Okay, You Guys Did That on Purpose!

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By Unknown

Forget Lucifer, That Guy's the Ring Leader

Memes sins steve jobs wikipedia - 5782931968
By teknik_rus

I'd Say That's a Medium Job

IRL printing sign steve jobs - 6188125696
By Unknown

iSee What You Did There

rip steve jobs Yahoo Answer Fails - 5279621632
By ZaneKyri (Via

What Swear Filter?

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By Burningmace

iSee You

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By Unknown