Art of Trolling


Trolling is Asexual

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By Kuro Ikana

I Don't Have a Heart, but I Do Have a Brain

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By ILuffNinjawz

Gotta Repost This Status

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By Filthyharry

Too Often She Multiplies and Enlarges the Size of Her Body

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By brettlin

The 1337est Hacking, I'm Sure

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By Nobama

Pics or I'll Do It for You

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By Unknown

I'm Betting She Has More Important Things on Her Mind

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By Unknown

Can't Express More Than Goatse Can

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By Unknown

Your Approval Rating Sucks, Bro

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By Scoty2kk

Spelling is Important, Mmkay?

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By loin mcgina

No One Cares

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By senchey6

You Deserve to Be an Orphan

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By jamisz

8-Bit Status Updates

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By Unknown

Found Logged In By Alec

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By thatsparker

Scumbag One Percent Makes Worthless Requests

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By TaylorTheDerpette

On the Eighth Day, God Made Trolls

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By Unknown
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