Art of Trolling


Notify Him of This, Too!

facebook notifications status work - 6275791616
By SonicShadow191

8-Bit Status Updates

facebook status - 4915650816
By Unknown

Gotta Repost This Status

comment facebook status - 5800905472
By Filthyharry

Piss Off, He Just Accidentally the Whole

facebook status - 5673779712
By chugthug

Facebook Is Too Mainstream

facebook mainstream status Yahoo Answer Fails - 4538816512
By Unknown

Pics or I'll Do It for You

beach facebook punch status - 4485011712
By Unknown

That Awkward Moment When Someone Reads Your Comment and Posts It Elsewhere

facebook status - 5754663936
By trollerroller

You Deserve to Be an Orphan

dead facebook mom status - 4756141056
By jamisz

Found Logged In By Alec

facebook hacked status - 5332841728
By thatsparker

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

facebook grammar spelling status - 5998364160
By MadisonW

Your Approval Rating Sucks, Bro

facebook like love status - 6216599552
By Scoty2kk

Osama Bin Trolling

Chat Roulette cia facebook fake and gray osama status - 4716218624
By DVanDuzer

Classic: Unhelpful Title

comment facebook meta status - 5491597824
By Taricalmcacil

The 1337est Hacking, I'm Sure

burn facebook funny status - 5186596352
By Nobama

Scumbag One Percent Makes Worthless Requests

facebook Occupy Wall Street request status - 5443191808
By TaylorTheDerpette

A Woman Wouldn't Whine

boy facebook man status - 5749112064
By TehJawknee
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