Art of Trolling


Found Logged In By Alec

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Created by thatsparker

Notify Him of This, Too!

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Created by SonicShadow191

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

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Created by MadisonW

Will You Go to Bed Now?

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Created by seifer44

Or Gum, or a Constipated Pigeon

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I'm Betting She Has More Important Things on Her Mind

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Created by Tom Carter

Can't Express More Than Goatse Can

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Nurrrbuddy Currrrs

derp facebook horse status - 5945361152
Created by Unknown

Trolling is Asexual

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Created by Unknown

A Woman Wouldn't Whine

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Created by TehJawknee

Osama Bin Trolling

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Created by Unknown

8-Bit Status Updates

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Created by akakakkakaka

What? It's the Song of the Summer

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Created by Unknown

On the Eighth Day, God Made Trolls

christian facebook status - 4834545408

Scumbag One Percent Makes Worthless Requests

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Created by TaylorTheDerpette

Two Trolls, One Status

facebook history rick roll status - 4364232448
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