Art of Trolling


Good Nyte/Nite/Knight

texting spelling - 7671233280
Created by W1bblyW0bbly ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Stay In School

facebook illiterate spelling - 5802510336
Created by krisnoodle

Dolan Uses Wandows

computer spelling wtf - 6064787712
Created by Unknown

You're All Freshies to Me

dumb facebook FAIL spelling - 4851336448
Created by Unknown


facebook spelling truancy story tutor - 6633114624
Created by scoobyjew25

When You Pull the Last Straw on the Dude That Was Already Pissed at the World

Via BroBible

Str8 dun With the Skhoolz

truancy story spelling - 6698326528
Created by iHELDyourhand

Are You a Remora?

facebook FAIL fish spelling - 5098591232
Created by Mulecc

Classic: Your Stupidity, on the Other Hand, Is Not

angel Angles facebook spelling - 5733745920
Created by whitegirlswag

Re-Trolled: Women Can't Even Spell, Apparently

kitchen spelling women - 6070283776
Created by Tedrupi

Depends, Do You Only Mean One Friend?

facebook grammar spelling status - 5998364160
Created by MadisonW

Do You Now?

buzz lightyear kids spelling parenting toy story - 8220329984


facebook grammar spelling stupid - 5941530368
Created by Austin

Don't Let Them Keep You Down

spelling typo - 6498179072
Created by PetePete

Sure It Does

IRL Sad spelling - 5382317312
Created by Unknown


questions self referential spelling - 4110561280
Created by Unknown
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