Art of Trolling



song stop sign - 7067427072
By Unknown

That's The Song, Right?

wtf glitter song - 6830033920
By The_Village_Idiot

Anti-Dragon Troll... I Mean... Dwarf

youtube song Movie dragons The Hobbit - 6953014272
By Nyghtwynd

So That's How It's Done!

one direction twitter song - 7125043200
By freshbru (Via @FillWerrell)

Blue Can Troll, You Can Too!

blues clues mail song steve - 4086689536
By Unknown

I Hear There's Good Leaf There...

Cleverbot remix song - 4545798400
By Silverthorn74

This "Flyer With Rip-'Em Tabs" Seems Like an Inappropriate Means for This Question

song run puns - 6902492416
By Unknown
Chat Roulette katy perry montage song Video - 10178305


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How Could You Be So Heartless

imma let you finish kanye west song Yahoo Answer Fails - 5106769664
By Todo_Americano
chatroulette love proposal song Video - 16734721

What You Never Find on ChatRoulette

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The Song of My Life

Music youtube song - 6806116096
By MisterRossco

George Roll'd

rickroll song - 7079392000
By allenrw3

The Batman Theme?

lyrics song wtf Yahoo Answer Fails - 4503715072
By Unknown

No Match for You Mammals

dinosaur lyrics Omegle song - 4345965568

I Don't Know Why She Swallowed That Fly

cricket fly song Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6256812544
By Roxtar (Via
2016 song swearing Video - 83869953

This Catchy and Very Crude Song Sums up the Worst of 2016 (So Far)

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