Art of Trolling


We Tried Giving Them the Patch, But They Just Fall Off of Their Fur

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By Unknown

Free Showers

IRL no smoking sign smoking - 4766310144
By Unknown

Big Chimpin'

gross IRL owned smoking truck Video - 24619521

Cause Baby You're On Fire?

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Only a True Friend Would Go to These Lengths to Help a Buddy Quit Smoking

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Hey You! Yeah, Smoker. Did You Know Smoking is Bad?

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How Would You React if a Kid Walked Up to You and Asked You for a Light?

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Can't Tell If Trolling or Just Kids These Days

smoke wheat 2016
Via carojito

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law!

alcohol smoking - 8420301568

Bad for Their Gills

cigarettes fish IRL smoking - 4556115456
By Unknown

I See What You Did There...

smoking - 7892126464
By Unknown

IRL Troll: Those Pesky Lungfish

cigarettes fish IRL sign smoking zoo - 4543876864
By Unknown

Sorry for Saving (a Little Bit of) Your Life

no smoking restaurants smoking - 8431864064


australia facebook smoking - 6531760896
By fedorahead

Respecting the cops...

cops grammar police respect smoking weed Yahoo Answer Fails - 4483990016
By Frodown

IRL Troll: A Compelling Argument

argument IRL smoking - 4325472256
By Unknown
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