Art of Trolling


I Dream of Weenie

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My, What Lovely Eyelashes You Have

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Created by Marielen

Or Maybe Not Thinking at All

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The World's Most Contagious Prank

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Food Coma

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In fact, I prefer it that way...

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Aw, Look at That Little Guy

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I've Got Mah Eye on Yew!

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I Dream of Weenie

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It's Coming Right at Us!

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127 Minutes: A Tale Only Boyfriends Will Get

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Wake Up, Damn You!

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By GF You Mean h00ker?

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Created by iamjknet

What Happened to That Intern?

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What an Amazing Ability!

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Zzzzzzzzz-Thoomp! Phthtbbbhtthbt!!!

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