Art of Trolling


Valuable Lesson in Self-Restraint

lemonparty skype Yahoo Answer Fails - 4467549952
Created by Eeizbee

U Jelly, Instant Messanger?

D emoticon facebook skype trolling - 4682213376
Created by Unknown

That's Your Problem, Bro

disconnect horse skype - 4749145344
Created by Unknown
skype cnn trolltube - 52032513

Master Trolls Skype Bomb Witness in the George Zimmerman Trial as He's Giving Live Testimony on CNN

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Called Upon

god Mormon Chat mormons prophet skype - 4346360832
Created by Pieter

Do You Have a Screen Door?

beatles Omegle skype submarine - 5169297408
Created by Unknown

Pops Is Just Trying to Stay Hip

creepy old men skype Yahoo Answer Fails - 5043738112
Created by konajinx
Sad skype lonely Video - 75307521

Are You Self Employed? Learn to Skype Alone From the Saddest Tutorial Ever

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