Art of Trolling


Siri, what does Siri mean? Do you follow the three laws of robotics? These are just some of the hilarious results of asking Siri serious questions beyond directions to the local bar. Be careful what you wish for.

accent english iphone siri Video youtube - 28144129

Siri, Y U No Speak Engrish?

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Thanks Siri, Now Where Can I Buy A Shovel?

body iphone siri - 5343022592
By Charles_In_Charge

If You Have an iPhone, Go and Ask Siri This

siri apple iphone - 8002476032
By Unknown

She's Just Like My Wife

iphone master siri - 5508880896
By KillerHoggle

Personal Assassi-stant

iphone murder siri - 6232812800
By teamfishtress2

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Web Searches

iphone siri - 5637497344
By busterheighman
iPhones siri library - 59803905

Siri, Be Quiet! This is a Library

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Shut Up, Siri, You Don't Even Have Nails

iphone siri sass Shut Up, Siri, You Don't Even Have Nails
Via @GabbySidibe

Don't Forget the Double Tap

iphone siri zombie - 6201545728
By TheRealDogmaJones

Varies By Woodchuck

iphone siri woodchuck - 5348623104
By chutiya

Siri, I Swear...

siri dates Valentines day - 7675022336
By Unknown
siri telling you to go as yourself for halloween

Don't Ask Siri for Help on Deciding a Halloween Costume

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siri parody Video - 79659521

Geez, AT&T Is Getting Desperate to Compete

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Are You Cheating On Me?

iphone siri - 5491316224
By Hogther

What Happens In Hanoi

siri time - 5611038720
By Espires

Surely You're Not Sirious?

siri patrick iphone - 7608200192
By Unknown
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