Art of Trolling


Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

signs - 8036070912
By Unknown

The Usual Signs

cheating oil oldsauce-problem signs wife Yahoo Answer Fails - 4437797632

You Failed

signs - 8396959744

Okay, There's NO Way That Phrasing Was an Accident...

signs phrasing - 8428266240

Wow, That Sign Needs to Chill

trolling signs image - 8991209984
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Standing Is Hard

signs parade marathon - 6983546368
By Unknown

You Gonna Open the Door or What?

signs trolling door You Gonna Open the Door or What?
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No Love Truer Than Chicken

image signs dating No Love Truer Than Chicken
Via PassablySane

I Got You Some Juice

IRL oranges pole signs - 5443679744
By Unknown
trump memes of photoshopping a large sign board he was holding

The Internet Took the Opportunity to Photoshop Donald Trump With a Blank Sign and Ran With It

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I'm Good, Thanks

signs mistake - 8996508416
Via distinguishedbaloney

That Works

fire signs swimming That Works
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"Hmmmmmm. Mmhmm? Mmmmm... Yes, Quite..."

graffiti signs - 8096227584
By Unknown

Go Ahead, Try It Out!

caution signs driving roads traffic - 8120478976

You've Just Become the Butt of a Joke, Sir!

signs - 7901537536
By Unknown

Would It Be Better If He Took His Shirt Off?

image signs george costanza Would It Be Better If He Took His Shirt Off?
Via funran
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