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shoppers beware

Chairs Are Multifunctional

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Created by lexistar87

Take It All

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Created by Quaidawesome

Everyone Has

amazon review Iron Samurai Japanese Inspired Blue LED Watch (Watch) Took 2 months to get to the U.S. I put it on, then took a piss and when I washed my hands it got a little wet and quit working... I've had orgasms that lasted longer than this watch. Report abuse Permalink Help other customers find the most helpful reviews No Was this review helpful to you? Yes Comment 1 of 3 people found the following review
Created by EPICINTERNETFAILZ ( Via Amazon )


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Zero Percent Cleverness Required to Play!

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Created by Unknown

Only Used Once!

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Created by Edgeville ( Via )

New Low Price!

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Created by Unknown

I'll Take Three

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Created by Unknown

They're Rite of Passage Films

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Created by Unknown

Classic: He's Climbing in Your Windows

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Created by Unknown

But It Sure Does Taste Good

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Created by The_Ferret

Don't Even Think About Having a Bad Dream

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Created by Unknown

This Looks Like a Job for Pedobear

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Created by Seasoned Professional

Perfect for Father's Day!

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Created by Aeromancia

Except This

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Created by Unknown

As Advertised

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Created by JPJWannaB
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