Art of Trolling


Cut a Hole to Make Some Room If You Need To

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By Unknown

Tom Riddle Wont Let You Diddle Her Skittle

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By AngelsHathFallen

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, and My Rubber Too

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By EliteRoach

Talk Dirty

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By freshbru

Troll Girlfriend

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By tuurkishdelight

I Prefer Fat Rolls

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By BIGgourami

Forever Alone Gets Freaky With Cleverbot

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By EvilFefe

No, This Is Your Mother

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By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Can You Beat My Record?

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By ArsouilleSlick

How Long Did That Take?

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By Unknown

Classic: It's Easy, Just Like You!

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By Unknown

Admirable Reasons

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By Unknown

Unless Your Parents Pay

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By Thackk

She's Got You For Life, Bro

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By monotobi

Found in the Girl's Dorms...

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By darn808pinoy

Tree Love

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By Vloidsecretomy
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