Art of Trolling


Strict Rules

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Created by Unknown


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Created by cronin98
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Kermit and Miss Piggy on Chatroulette

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Dolphin on whale action!

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Just a Tip

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It's not just a scary story

Death sexytime - 4194317056
Created by Samantha

Anything You Say!

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Looks Legit

rent sexytime - 4372841728
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For One, No

counting numbers sexytime two Yahoo Answer Fails - 4567514880
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Seems that would be awkward...

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Raichu Used Leer

Omegle pikachu Pokémon roleplay school sexytime - 4366156032
Created by Senor_Justicia

First Time Virgin, Long Time Male

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Get a boy to like me

boys like sexytime Yahoo Answer Fails - 4417980416
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Hands-On Help

Cats help sexytime weird Yahoo Answer Fails - 4396815616
Created by Tkieron

And Pedro Said...

light sexytime the bible - 4126822912
Created by Unknown
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