Art of Trolling


Icy Watt Ewe Dither

sequel tricks words - 4632499456
By Unknown

Can't Wait for the Sequel

bible jesus religion sequel Yahoo Answer Fails - 4632032768
By TheToaster97

Remember Their Sacrifice!

Cleverbot sequel - 4459797248
By Unknown

How to Ruin a Life... Again...

engaged facebook life sequel - 4607148032
By caco944

Maximun Trolling on Omegle

bored lady fun bags Memes Omegle raisins sequel - 4463085568
By Alexanderzx360
car drive thru invisible Video sequel prank - 47087873

Invisible Driver Prank 2

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Re: Challenge Regretted

blue waffle Challenge Accepted google problem sequel - 4392147968
By Lukenasia

Justin Bieber on Everything, Part II

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Via David Thorne


twitter signs sequel Finally!
Via @dogboner

She Still Needs a Sonnet

class famous sequel Yahoo Answer Fails - 4655162368
By its_dead

Netflix 3: Amazon Prime

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By Unknown

The Sequel?

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By Hatchet669