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new selfie trend

The Newest Selfie Trend Is to Give Yourself a High Five While Letting Your Phone Drop to the Ground

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Boyfriends Just Won't Let You Take a Selfie in Piece

boyfriend funny selfie g rated dating - 8384834048
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image selfie fan Busted
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Your Selfies Are Very, VERY Not Metal

Music gifs concert selfie burn fail nation - 8404605696
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We Try Our Hardest

school teachers parenting selfie texting - 8386194176

Man of Selfies

selfie superman - 7571672064
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This is SO Going on Instagram

instagram selfie - 7218238208
By EricRBG

Lose Weight the Easy Way!


"Sorry Guys, Hang On a Minute..."

school selfie graduation - 7533475584
By Unknown

Probably Not the Best Choice

parenting selfie texting - 8428142080

We're Gonna Get Sloppy Tonight!

facebook languages selfie - 8357205760

Troll Dad Makes a Dad Version of All of His Daughters Selfies

trolling parenting selfie - 8812768000
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Look at Me, Son! I'm "Big Pimping" Just Like You!

dads selfie parenting - 8150811904

I... I Don't... How... What?

guy recreates girl's tinder photos

This Australian Guy Recreates Women's Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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A Picture May Be Worth 1000 Words, But No One Ever Specified if Those Words Were True or Not

pictures selfie - 8292845312
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