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seems legit

What is the Truth Barack?!

obamas age troll
Via electricsed

Seems Legit

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By Unknown

Seems Legit

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Re-Trolled: Net Noob Needs to Be Sure

credit card Net Noob seems legit shoppers beware stolen - 5090391040
By Unknown

One or Two Babies Might Still Be Under the Cushions

couch craigslist seems legit shoppers beware - 6065202432
By ivymiked

Touch It If You Want

sign IRL paint seems legit - 8575564800
By LolCanOpener

Mr. Bear Would Like to Offer You Some Candy

IRL school bus seems legit - 6414905088
By Unknown

We Only Charge a Slight Convenience Fee


This is How to Totally Legit Not Brick Your Xbox One Console and Unlock Backwards Compatibility

How to unlock backwards compatibility on xBox One - Screenshot
By deepdark (Via backcompatiblexbone)

This is About as Legit as it Gets

seems legit the internets - 7979495680
By BronyMexicanPenguin

I Think You Have the Concept of Back Doors and Front Doors a Bit Back-to-Front

seems legit - 7562482176
By Unknown

Secret Nazi-Taliban Hideout

link seems legit - 6686985472
By chadd990 (Via Click Here)

The Legitest of the Legit


We Only Charge a Slight Convenience Fee

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Seems...Worth Reading, Honestly

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By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Yeah, I'd Blur That Too

Aliens google google maps seems legit - 5545645312
By CallistaIMVU
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