Art of Trolling

secret onion rings


fantasy Growing horn secret onion rings unicorn wish - 4054952704
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Created by Unknown


secret onion rings the game - 4172440832
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Omegle secret onion rings - 4126266880
Created by Ruubee

Troll Detector

lights Omegle Pokémon secret onion rings - 4587163136
Created by AwkwardAriel

Yahoo Answers - Pedobear Strikes Again

Yahoo Answers question about animals that evolved and a troll as Pedobear that helps
Via Yahoo Answers

Be Right Back!

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asl disconnect Omegle secret onion rings sexytime - 4577835776
Created by l33tz0rx

I See Through the Tubes

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you are just hiding the true answer!

404 magnets mormons secret onion rings website - 4564062976
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Omegle Fun

Funny picture of a screen grab from Omegle of a stranger that takes his title of All Knowing Oracle, very seriously.
Created by Unknown