Art of Trolling


Sounds Exciting, If You're Into That Sort of Thing

anniversary date romantic scary Yahoo Answer Fails - 4959251456
By Faulkinbizzle
movies scary Video - 81280257

Brace Yourselves for This Supercut of Movie Jump Scares

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He'll Bite Your Legs Off!

beware cute dogs IRL scary - 4868968704
Via EPICPonyz


girls scary shopped - 3335972864
By Unknown

We Don't Go to That House

dogs for sale huge scary shoppers beware - 5618464512
By Unknown

Suddenly Vehicular Manslaughter Doesn't Seem Like Such a Bad Way to Go

IRL road scary - 4962769152
By Unknown

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

Chat Roulette clowns kids scary the simpsons - 4531253248
By Unknown

Art of Serial Killing

coffee freezer IRL men scary wtf - 5054401280
By Unknown

Yes, I'm Really This Big

Chat Roulette ew gross scary spider - 5345282304
By Unknown

I Don't Think That's What Makes Him Scary

scary twitter slenderman - 7020032768
Via @FillWerrell

More Effective Than "Do Not Enter"

caution IRL scary sign - 5524169472
By kattnav

There's Something Scary Behind You

chatroulette scary - 6548787200
By Doodlepeg
IRL jump marriage proposals scary Video wedding - 22422785

Some People Shouldn't Wed

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They'll Be Right at Home

dungeon IRL scary - 4973387520
By Mr.Ninja101


Chat Roulette girls masks scared scary - 3236518144
By Inyaface08

I Once Rode With an Asian Woman

Yahoo Answers troll who responds that the scariest ride he ever rode was in a car with a woman driving.
By throw_sand (Via
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