Art of Trolling


Cool Story, Bro! Tell It Again in English!

facebook fear grammar scary - 6134073856
Created by Xxpalkia4561xX

Barricade your doors!

captcha Mormon Chat mormons scary - 4375396352
Created by Tikigodzood
scary clowns prank Video - 60897537

Things Go a Little too Far in This Crazy Killer Clown Prank

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Suddenly Vehicular Manslaughter Doesn't Seem Like Such a Bad Way to Go

IRL road scary - 4962769152
Created by Unknown

How Not to Comfort Someone at the Dentist's Office

Via griffinmcelroy
game scary Video - 34713089

You Never Forget Your First Time

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No One Will Steal Your Ride. Ever.

scary security cars - 8402724608

I Once Rode With an Asian Woman

Yahoo Answers troll who responds that the scariest ride he ever rode was in a car with a woman driving.
Created by throw_sand ( Via )

Where's the Cancel Button?!

program scary virus - 4972814336


girls scary shopped - 3335972864
Created by Unknown

Oh Hey, I Think I Dropped Something Under Your Desk

scary jump scare prank - 8604364544
Via lakegoat

They Might Be Cute, Though

Awkward paint scary Yahoo Answer Fails - 5093217024
Created by EmGild ( Via )

We Don't Go to That House

dogs for sale huge scary shoppers beware - 5618464512
Created by Unknown
boyfriend scary relationship girlfriend pranks dating - 279303

Dude Takes His Bedroom Pranks to a Level No Girlfriend Can Handle

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The Worst Halloween Card to Give Your Boyfriend

halloween funny scary dating - 8341980928
Via J0be

How Sexy!

amazon costume scary sexy shoppers beware - 6181483264
Created by Unknown
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